Company formation on Cyprus, Legal and Taxation Aspects.

Company Type: Limited Company (LTD)
Name: The company name must end with "Limited" or "Ltd.".
Shares: Shares in the company
Share Capital: Minimum € 1.000,00
Registered Agent Requirement: Yes
Registered Headquarters: Yes
Entry in the Public Register:
Shareholders and Managing Director must be named in the public register. However, anonymity can be retained by appointing nominees.
Shareholders: Minimum of 1 shareholder.
Directors: Minimum of 1 person
Secretary: Yes
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner: Yes, but protected by law
Disclosure of Shareholders: Yes
Disclosure of Directors: Yes
Trading Restrictions: None
Double Taxation Agreements: Agreements applying in 45 countries
Financial Statements: Yes
Tax Returns: Yes
Accounting: Yes
Annual Reports: Yes, must be submitted by an independent external auditor
Taxation: 10% for an IBC resident company
0% for an IBC non resident company
Taxation of Shipping Companies:
Profits from the operation of Cypriot registered vessels or on dividends received from a shipowning company, are subject to zero corporation tax. Shipping business activities pay tax by tonnage. The tonnage tax is not levied in respect of ships under the Cypriot flag for which a tonnage tax has already been paid.